Open Hour

Download VICA Free Open Hour, for Free!
VICA Free - Open Hour: 256 kbps .mp3
VICA Free - Open Hour: ALAC .m4a

Open Hour can be used on it’s own (60 minutes of music total), or it can also be mix and matched with other VICA Free tracks of differing lengths quite seamlessly. Ideal music for meditations and classes!

 VICA Free instrumental sessions use many of the same calming sonic motifs found in our guided programs. We call them 'Free' because:

- they are offered free of charge
- they use many of the same calming sonic motifs found in our guided programs, but without the voiceover content
- each track is designed to be modular, so you have the freedom to compile and play them in any order, together or alone. 
Create a playlist on your phone or media player that totals your desired duration; and you will know how much time has elapsed when the music ends! This modularity makes VICA Free sessions ideal for self-guided meditations, yoga classes, serene background music around the home, and many other uses. 

You may not make unauthorized reproductions or distribute the files or links made available to you. By using VICA Sessions, it is understood that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions which are available in full at, and have done so before download or use of any portion of the program.