Athlete Recovery Pass

VICA Studio's Online Meditation Pass provides download and streaming access to programs selected specifically for athletes wishing to incorporate mental health optimization into their recovery program. 

The $100 CAD/year fee covers unlimited use by your gym, employees, and/or clients!
Shortly after purchasing an Athlete Recovery Pass, you will receive your unique account details via email. Your users can then log in at the private members’ website, Users can stream or download their sessions an unlimited amount, on their phone, tablet, or computer.

This Pass provides access to eight VICA programs including Stress Drain, Sleeping Potion, Body Field Virtualization, Lightning Body Rejuvenator, Flash Body Rejuvenator, Post Workout Recovery, Post-Yoga Shavasana, Smartphone Detox, plus a free bonus Introductory Consultation Track.

VICA Studio programs are made for anyone to use and require no prior meditation experience to enjoy fully. They use scientifically researched techniques to achieve the greatest relaxation, and follow FDA recommendations. Creating an environment where mind and body can relax after exercise is beneficial. The sessions in the Fitness package can be used to supplement a vigorous workout and provide the listener with an opportunity to fully rest and relax after exercise, integrating their results for maximum improvement.

If you have any questions please contact: