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What is included with my Order?
You will receive a confirmation email containing links to download the tracks contained within your order.
All VICA programs come with a free, introductory Consultation audio track, a separate file which should be listened to before your first VICA usage. It quickly tells you about how to use VICA sessions and maximize their effects. 
Do not share any download links publicly. VICA is not responsible for other parties retrieving your download. It is recommended to utilize the download link at your earliest convenience. 

What type of files do you send?
You will have the option to download your files in 256 kbps .mp3 or ALAC .m4a format, or both.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Paypal, credit card payments via Stripe, and Bitcoin payments using BitPay.

How many times can I download a purchased digital file?
Files can only be downloaded the number of times they have been purchased, then the link is disabled. Usually this will be once unless you have purchased an extended number of licenses (ex./ for a group).

Can I get a refund? / I deleted my download code / May I have another opportunity to download a purchased file?
Due to the nature of electronic file formats, we do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is complete and the confirmation email is sent. All sales are final. Please see the Return Policy in our Terms and Conditions, which are agreed to during the checkout process. 
If you cannot find the confirmation email, check your Junk Mail folder.  

Where do I retrieve my digital files and how do I listen to them?
Once you have clicked the link and downloaded your file(s), please check your Downloads folder, and put the file(s) in the appropriate music library and make the necessary updates to listen to the file(s) on your mobile device. 
VICA is not responsible for technical support regarding this process, including how to get downloaded files onto your mobile device.

If you retrieving your files on a phone, note that you can play the files, but may not be able to actually save them to your phone. You may want to wait and download your purchased files on a computer, add them to your music library, then add them to your phone’s audio playlist. Please note that downloading from multiple devices will count towards your total number of downloads.

You will have to find out how to achieve this on your own, according to your device and application instructions. 
VICA is not responsible for lost or deleted files after the download link has been utilized.

How do I send a gift purchase?
Complete your checkout process. Once you have received an email confirmation, forward the download link contained in the email to your recipient's email address. Do not download from the link yourself or it will no longer be active for your recipient. VICA is not responsible for replacing files downloaded by accident. Please see our Return Policy for more information. 

I have received a file as a gift or as part of a group distribution. What should I do?
If a digital download has been purchased in multiples, and/or it has been purchased on your behalf, download from the link once, or as instructed by the purchaser. Your download will count towards the total number of downloads the purchaser has ordered. Once the maximum number of downloads purchased have been retrieved, the link will no loner be active. 

Am I going to be mind-controlled / put under a spell?
No. This is a concern that stems from a misunderstanding of guided meditation and hypnosis.  Our products are a tool for people to use to proactively and independently deal with their own specific needs. Our Clients use VICA as a tool to help themselves, as a means of self-empowerment.
Master Guide Josh focuses on reducing stress, and positive thinking. This is usually centered around a progressive and gentle body relaxation, using techniques that do not demand anything from you other than to rest and listen privately on headphones.
With VICA you are always in control, and can end the session at any time. 
VICA honours your personal reasons and preferences in using the sessions and does not infringe on your free will.
We don't use any particular philiosophy, or make you think or act in a certain way.

How does VICA integrate into my lifestyle as opposed to traditional guided meditation practices?
Incorporating meditation into your life on a regular basis has been proven to have beneficial results (see more about this on our Research Page).
Cultivating a meditation practice alone can be challenging. Because VICA audio sessions are used in the comfort of your own home at the times that suit you best, users may find themselves spending more time on self-care, even amongst a busy schedule.

Who is behind VICA?
We are a tight-knit team of digital artists and wellness professionals on a mission to create a new standard for effective meditation recordings. The Master Guide speaking in our audio tracks is Joshua Paulton, a Scientist, Master of Counselling Psychology, and certified Clinical Hypnotist (certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association).
On our growing team we also have a dedicated Sound Producer, Graphic Designer, and other Support Staff members.
VICA often engages Consultants in different fields to advise on performance optimization, such as a professional Poker Player for our Poker series, experienced Skateboarders for the Skateboarding sessions, etc.

How did VICA begin?
Years ago, Josh was researching Crohn's Disease at UBC Medical School, studying how the mind is effected by the body; specifically, how Crohn's Disease symptoms affect your emotional processing abilities and body connection issues.

He learned that one one of the most effective tools to improve mind-body connection is hypnosis. Clinical Hypnosis has been shown to improve digestive symptoms, pain and psychological issues. Therefore, Josh achieved his Hypnosis Certification to offer patients comprehensive care and counsel (via Clinical Counselling for digestive symptoms, anxiety, pain, wellness, and happiness).

A while later Josh was visiting friends who lived in England, making electronic music in the clubs and underground arts scene. On a London rooftop one night, they were discussing how sound waves effect states of consciousness, and how cultural trends affect states of mind. Josh wanted his abilities in Counselling and Hypnotism to have a wider reach. The group of 3 began brainstorming, enamoured with the idea of a new mindfulness meditation that used elements of modern hypnosis, and it’s nearly limitless potential applications. Then and there, they decided to form a partnership that would produce new audio tracks that would deeply investigate unexplored human abilities.

Communicating via the internet over the following months, the team began the development of an as-yet unavailable genre, using groundbreaking techniques of synchronizing the hypnotist's guidance with soundwaves that entrain the most beneficial brainwaves along to the different phases of a meditation session. The detail with which this was undertaken goes beyond the binaural beats used in many meditation tracks online, or the stock music spoken over in most existing Hypnosis Audio offerings.

In Spring 2015, the group moved to Joshua Tree, California, where Josh joined them for the first recording sessions. Despite Josh being stung by a scorpion, they were able to complete their first recordings in the house dubbed Rancho Pastello.

Now, VICA has a permanent recording studio located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

What sets VICA apart?
- VICA sessions are approachable for everyone: you don't need experience with meditation, or a long attention span!
- Many meditation apps are quite general. Our forte is producing niche luxury audio products for specific functions, for intense effectiveness and precision. You can find a session pertaining to anything from a golf driving range, to a smartphone detox, to small business-owner stress, to name just a few of our targeted sessions.
- We use techniques that have been researched for particular purposes, without extraneous techniques that are unnecessary. This is in contrast to meditation and hypnosis products which go against FDA guidelines (especially online services and apps that make unsubstantiated medical claims).
- VICA sessions are designed specifically for on demand usage, when and where you want them
- We produce the audio through a close creative collaboration between hypnotherapist and sound designer, and take immense care in tailoring electronic musical frequencies to the stages of the session.

What are VICA’s top values?
SAFETY: VICA adheres to the highest ethical and legal standards. We make our sessions effective, approachable, safe, and honest.

INNOVATION: Meditation is not yet accepted in mass culture, as with many mind-state altering practices. We seek to change this. The techniques we use to create VICA use a creative and scientific approach, and are the cool and improved version of outdated industry styles.

INSIGHT: If you make accessible the tools for someone to develop their own mindful awareness, they can guide themselves, for positive and sustainable improvement.

I would like to get help for mental / physical / other issues. Can you suggest any resources?
For help with any issues; mental, physical, or otherwise, please seek help. Listed below are a few organizations that may guide you to the appropriate service for your needs.
*please note this is not a complete list and for suggestive purposes only. 

For Immediate Help, Phone:
Canada/ USA: 911
UK: 999 or 112

Crisis Line
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
866-4CRISIS (427-4747)

Find A Psychiatrist
Canadian Psychiatric Association — How Do I Obtain A Referral To A Psychiatrist?
American Psychiatric Association — Find A Psychiatrist
Royal College of Psychiatrists — How To Get Help

Find A Counsellor
Canadian Certified Counsellor — Find a Canadian Certified Counsellor
Candian Mental Health Association — Getting Help
Psychology Today — Find a Therapist (USA & Canada)
Counselling Directory — Find a Counsellor Near You
British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy — Finding the right therapist

Find A Psychologist
Canadian Psychological Association — Finding the Psychologist For You
American Psychology Association — Psychologist Locator
The British Psychological Society

Find A Hypnotherapist
Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis: Find Certified Professionals
British Society of Clinical Hypnosis: Choosing A Good Hypnotherapist

Abuse Line
Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime
Domestic Abuse Services
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Violence UnSilenced
Assaulted Women's Helpline
Domestic Abuse Services
National Domestic Violence Helpline
0808 2000 247

Where can I find out more?
Please see our INFO page for more about Virtual Calisthenics,  and our RESEARCH page for research we have compiled that relates to the topics of our sessions!
If you have further questions, please click here to email VICA.